YOU can have your own personal representative in the Milwaukee Domes with an ANIMAL SPONSORSHIP

The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservancy has more to discover than beautiful floral gardens, stunning cacti, rare orchids, and horticultural wonders of the worlds rainforests. The Milwaukee Domes have a number of permanent inhabitants of the wild kind. Providing surprises and fascination for Domes visitors our beloved Koi fish and birds bring joy to children of every age. These special Dome residents require special environmental maintenance and features. They are loveable little creatures who need support from people like YOU.

The Milwaukee Domes are a fascinating enjoyable place to be. While you might want to spend every waking minute touring the horticultural wonder that is the Milwaukee Domes, YOU CAN'T! For a minimal donation YOU CAN have a little critter at the Domes, in your stead, keeping an eye on the beautiful flora, on your behalf, until your next visit to the Milwaukee Domes.

Many small animal residents of the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservancy "work" as animal-educators. These Milwaukee Domes fauna residents play a key role in Domes educational programs for children. As a Domes animal sponsor, you become a partner in providing the best care for the animals living in The Milwaukee Domes

Your Domes animal sponsorship provides your chosen animals with the special environments needed for survival, including enclosures, full-spectrum lighting, and basking lamps. You also support any veterinary care our little animal residents may need.

For your sponsorship, you receive not only the satisfaction of helping your selected animal, but also a thank-you pack that includes an animal fact sheet, certificate of sponsorship, and color photo of the sponsored animal. AND you have your personal representative in the Milwaukee Domes when you can't be there.

Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservancy animal residents may have more than one sponsor. The ‘popular' animals help support all of the animals living in the Milwaukee Domes.



In the Tropical Dome

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Your Sponsorship of a Milwaukee Domes animal educator provides funds for food, medical care, and maintenance of Dome animal habitats. Animals' lives are subject to sudden changes. If an animal is removed from the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservancy educational program, you may transfer your adoption to another Milwaukee Domes fauna resident. Domes Animal sponsorship does not imply any legal rights over an animal or its care.

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